Sunday, September 21, 2008

the power of a well-timed word

here are some thoughts about the power of our words....

discouraging words are
shallow words
... worse than no words?
spoken without meaning
... i’m glad it isn’t me!
feel like a formality
... i have to say them
trite phrases
... i've heard that before
... sounds good

discouraging words are hurtful words... add “insult to injury”
apathetic, uncaring words -
what were you thinking?
selfish words - i'd never do that
put downs - that's just stupid
ill – chosen - that's good for a laugh

discouraging words are selfish words... meet our own needs
Satisfy our need to be right - didn't you know?
Show our knowledge - try to correct; give advice - you should have...

encouragement is about courage!
discouraging words – take away courage
encouraging words– put courage back

encouraging words help someone keep going despite obstacles
look, see, understand - sometimes no words needed
be an “observer of others” - view from other's perspective
listen to understand before speaking

encouraging words are not what we say but why we say it
not so about us saying or doing the right thing
may be a lot about trying to understand
may be more about offering support

encouraging words communicate understanding, care, support
rekindle hope - i'm not doomed to failure, defeat, ...
spark warmth - someone does get it
renew confidence - i can try again
trigger healthy evaluation - i wonder what I can learn from this?
increase motivation - i want to find a new way

how have you used your words today? i don't know about you but it seems there is always room for improvement here....